3 Simple Steps to a Successful Social Strategy

Abbey Cherney
Media Manager

Gone are the days of measuring your social media success on the volume of “likes.” With Facebook’s awesome ability to target and personalize content, paid social advertising is a vital way to get in front of the right fans at the right time—and sell more tickets.

By leveraging Ticketmaster’s database of over 100 million fans, Blue has some great tips to help you build a solid Facebook ad strategy that also optimizes your budget.

1. Reach those that matter most

One of the biggest advantages of paid social advertising is the ability to connect with relevant customers in their everyday lives. People who follow your Facebook page are a given; here are three tactics to reach your other high potential buyers on Facebook:

Retargeting Audiences
Work your brand recognition! Identify previous visitors from your site and ticketmaster.com who have already engaged with your brand—either purchased, abandoned a cart or just dropped by—and retarget them with your Facebook ads.

Blue Tip: Address this audience first. They’ve already shown interest and often produce greater click-through rates and—most importantly—a higher, more efficient return, averaging about 13 times the return on ad spend via Instagram and 14 times on Facebook

Past Purchaser Audiences
If they bought tickets from you before, they’re likely to do it again. Reach fans who are highly likely to engage using Ticketmaster’s extensive past-purchaser data or your own CRM list to help you target a pool of highly qualified customers.

Blue Tip: This audience is a great secondary investment because, chances are, if they’ve previously attended one of your events and loved it, they’ll want to experience it again!

Lookalike Audiences
Identify new prospects and expand your social reach by finding fans who fit your ideal profile. How does it work? By cross referencing your own proprietary customer data with Ticketmaster’s data, you can create what Facebook calls a “Lookalike” audience. Creating Lookalike audiences based on past buyers is a great way to reach new people who are more likely to be interested in your events.

Blue Tip: Lookalikes allow you to reach new potential buyers and increase brand visibility. Targeting lookalike audiences is a great expansion strategy to get your ads in front of new audiences; however, we recommend putting budget toward retargeting and past purchaser segments first to yield the strongest return.

2. Use the right ad for your objective

Once you know who to target, it’s time to determine which ad units will resonate best with those individuals. Since there are many options to choose from, it’s important to know which are the most engaging to drive the best results.

For example, static image ads perform best and deliver the highest click-through rates and strong efficiency. These tend to work best for driving ticket sales. However, video and carousel ad formats are great to incorporate for increased engagement and awareness

Ticketmaster Paid Facebook Ads

3. Schedule Your Campaigns Strategically

We’ve ran a lot of social campaigns and picked up a few tricks to best optimize your budget across the event lifecycle. Follow this budget and timing strategy to achieve the best results.

The onsale

Drive more ticket sales for popular events in the first two weeks after your onsale. We recommend allocating roughly 15-20 percent of your overall social budget to capitalize on the higher levels of demand during this initial sales push.

Closer to event date

The Blue Digital team typically sees another surge in demand and higher returns in the final weeks leading up to the event. As a result, we generally recommend running a closing campaign 2-6 weeks prior to the big day.


This two-part flight schedule lets you capture strong sales during the onsale demand while continuing to generate more awareness as the event data approaches to reach any last-minute ticket buyers.

Ticketmaster Paid Social Timeline

These are just a few tips to help you make the most out of your Facebook campaigns. We’re also here to help you take action! Contact your Client Marketing Manager today.