St Louis Blues

Power Play

St. Louis Blues get fans stoked for the season with Programmatic Ads

The St. Louis Blues increased single-game ticket sales and found new fans with Programmatic Ad Buying, a service offered by Blue, Ticketmaster’s digital marketing agency.

Programmatic Ad Buying


2014/2015 Season
10x ROAS
2015/2016 Season
18x ROAS

The Blues leveraged Programmatic Ad Buying to serve ads not only to current fans, but also “affinity fans” — prospective fans in the Ticketmaster database who are likely to buy tickets based on their interest in local events related to sports, family events and specifically Mardi Gras and Star Wars for the Blues.

The massive scale of the Ticketmaster database and its ability to identify the fans most likely to buy tickets ensured they served ads to the right audience at the right time. The team had access to real-time reporting on their campaigns via a live dashboard, allowing them to make quick decisions based on click-through rates and conversions.