Customer Match

Kelly Henderson
Digital Marketing, Director

What is Customer Match?

Customer Match is a great Google product that helps you reach your highest-valued customers on Google
Search, YouTube and Gmail.

To use it, you simply upload your own first-party CRM data (email addresses) into Google’s AdWords system.
Emails are then matched to signed in Gmail or Google account users so you can target your ad campaigns

Blue Point of View

Imagine if you leveraged Ticketmaster’s database of 100 million users for Customer Match?

Customer Match lets us unlock our proprietary database and segment fan audiences by past purchase
behavior. We can expand that reach further by capturing similar customers who may have a higher
propensity of purchasing from us again.

We can then optimize ad creative, bids and keywords that best trigger our ads. We can tailor ad copy to
speak to customers who we know are interested in your events and entice them to come back and purchase
from us again.

By leveraging first-party data with Customer Match, we have seen 2.5X higher conversion rates and 1.5X
higher click-through rates than standard search campaigns.

Blue Customer Match

When is Customer Match Used?

  • Customer Match is incorporated when relevant to every Paid Search recommendation
  • Please reach out to your Client Marketing Manager with questions about how to get started