Finding New-to-File Fans – Programmatic Tactics

Joanna Cabrini
Joanna Cabrini
Media Manager, Programmatic

There are many ways to leverage the Ticketmaster data. Below are strategies specific to Programmatic Advertising for finding new fans and growing your database. We will feature New-To-File tactics for other Blue products in future posts.

What are new-to-file fans and why are they important?

We define new-to-file fans as those fans who have purchased a ticket to your event/venue for the first time. At this point, that customer is in your database for future communications of upcoming events.

How do we find them?

While these fans may be difficult to track down, there are a few tactics you can layer into your Programmatic strategy to help target those audiences and hopefully convert them into fans. Prospecting strategies such as the ones below help identify these audiences with potential interest in your event, and with minimal overhead.

Affinity targeting: Affinity targeting utilizes the Ticketmaster event categories to identify audiences that share an affinity toward your event. This approach is more broad and will have a vast reach.

Lookalike targeting: This tactic targets audiences that look like pre-existing fans. Used as an awareness tool, this approach gets the word out to people who have a higher propensity to buy tickets.

Premium Site Targeting: While we don’t recommend limiting our data pools, targeting specific sites known to correlate with your event captures audiences that may fall outside of our pre-existing data pools.

Custom Audiences: This targeting is created by combining 3rd party data with Ticketmaster’s 1st party data. We find this effective when working with events that have a niche following. Some examples of attributes for targeting include owning a luxury vehicle, earning a benchmark salary or having children in your household.

Best Practices for reaching New-To-File fans

Adjust your creative messaging for the audiences above by having a broader appeal. Using terms such as “Learn More” or “Join in on the Fun!” help attract the attention of those that are unfamiliar with your event. Images that coincide with the above messaging also assist in fan engagement.

Ticketmaster has over 112 million fan records that Blue can leverage to help you find those new-to-file fans! For more information on programmatic advertising with Blue Digital, please reach out to your Ticketmaster Client Marketing Manager.