Google’s New Expanded Text Ads

Kelly Henderson
Digital Marketing, Director

Announcement Recap

Google’s search results page will better adapt to today’s “mobile-first” world, creating a unified view across all devices.

A key change includes a 47% expansion of character length—nearly doubling your ad space. The display URL field will also “auto extract” directly from your domain, helping prevent competitors and re-sellers from creating misleading display URLs that can confuse fans.

Blue Point of View

More text means greater visibility and potential for higher click-through rates. With twice the ad space, character length is now a total of 140 characters instead of 95. How can you take advantage? For one, you can test more compelling ad messages to entice customers to purchase.

The URL field adjustment also lets you further stand out against competitors and re-sellers, provide a better experience for the fans, and positively impact overall campaign performance.

What is Changing?

Expanded Ad Text:
Headline 1| 30 Characters
Headline 2| 30 Characters
Description Line| 80 Characters

Display URL:Now auto extracts domain from final URL

Path Fields: up to 2 fields, 15 characters each

What is the timing?

As a certified partner of Google, Blue Digital is included in this new beta feature. We’ll continue sharing results as the new feature rolls out!