How to improve digital campaign tracking (and avoid duplication)

Joanna Cabrini
Joanna Cabrini
Media Manager, Programmatic

For some marketers, just getting fans to buy tickets online—regardless of what led them to checkout—makes for a good digital campaign. But truly savvy marketers want to know which touchpoint is performing best and inspiring purchases.

You already know that running a campaign across multiple platforms is great for catching people’s attention in different places, or guiding them along a multi-touch purchasing journey.

For instance, a fan might see a video ad of an upcoming U.S. soccer match, which leads them to search for “Soccer Tickets Chicago” where they find and click on a paid search ad, ultimately taking them to the U.S. Soccer event page on where they buy tickets.

Blue Ticketmaster De-duping

That same fan might not even end up buying tickets, but is then enticed to come back later and purchase through a well-placed retargeting ad.

But which ad really drove the sale?

Accurate campaign reporting is important, not only to track ad delivery and sales results, but to ensure a sale is only counted once—not multiple times. This is called “de-duplication” and its resulting single-source reporting provides a more precise way to measure campaign performance.

With the help of Google’s DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM), you can track both ad delivery and sales by “de-duping” multiple touchpoints from a single buyer’s journey. Since DCM tracks ad delivery, as well as conversions, it can also tell us how many times the sale occurred and from which ad. While a fan may have experienced several different ads, you can now identify which one is really generating the response you’re looking for.

So, not only do you get a true measurement of ad performance, you also get more accurate insights to help guide your future campaign strategy!

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