Programmatic Ad Buying

Programmatic Ad Buying

Boost conversion rates with our programmatic ad buying service.

Boost conversion rates with our programmatic ad buying service. The Programmatic Ad Team’s fan data, anylytics and modeling tools allow you to reach and retarget high-potential ticket buyers with relevant display, audio and video ads.

Engage interested fans

Retarget fans who visit your event page but don't buy tickets right away.

Extend your target reach

Go beyond past purchasers and reach new high-propensity audiences using our data-driven approach.

Personalize your conversation

Deliver the right message or offer to the most appropriate audience to increase engagement and conversion

Go beyond the banner

Take advantage of enhanced media options like video and audio to engage fans in more interesting and relevant ways.

Pinpoint performance metrics

Capture more accurate metrics by measuring ads that are actually viewed versus simply loaded and ignored.

Customer Success Average ROAS Campaigns

Fan Insights


Retargeted website visitors are more likely to purchase


Internet consumers use both desktop and mobile devices to access internet

1 in 4

Americans will watch streaming television in 2016