Paid Social

Paid Social

Digital Word of mouth is one of the most influential and powerful forms of advertising today.

Blue decodes your social media options and develops an integrated strategy to reach, engage and convert your fans with a highly targeted and personal approach.

Expand Social Media

Grab fans' attention across all major platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Improve Relevance

Leverage data from your CRM, website and other sources to enable more personalized engagement with fans, more efficient budget allocation and improved campaign performance.

Integrate your Approach

Boost conversion with multi-channel media planning and connected execution to ensure you are engaging fans in a relevant way.

“Our experience in running paid social with Ticketmaster Blue Digital has been very rewarding. We have seen great results from our campaigns and are excited to continue to partner with them for upcoming U.S. soccer events.”

Ross Moses, Manager of Analytics and Research, United States Soccer Federation.

Fan Insights


Follow their favorite sports teams on social media


Shared their experience or photos from a live arts event


Influenced by Facebook to attend live events